All the features of Injury Master, plus more

Because Claims Master is built on top of the Injury Master platform, it comes with all the same features, whilst being tailored to the needs of Self-Insurers and TPAs.

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Interactive workflows

Claims Master makes it simple to complete tasks and helps case managers ensure no critical steps are missed.

Paying accounts is simple

Payments are linked to providers, scheduled fees and estimates, and can be sent directly to your bank.

Estimate updating made easy

Estimate totals auto deduct with payments and can be adjusted by authorised personnel as required.

Provide portal access

Allow your clients to see selected parts of the system, while keeping sensitive records safely out of view.

Bulk importing saves time

Batch processing of wage earnings, and compensation improves accuracy and reduces processing time.

Pain free authority submissions

Built-in validation provides guided support to fixing data errors prior to submission.

File Review Lost Days
Payments and Line Items Claims by Classification
Audit Trail KPI Report
Estimate Summary Actions Dashboard
Calendar with Lost Days Tags
Best in the business

You can do more with Claims Master than you ever imagined possible

Templated correspondence

Create email and SMS templates that can be pre-populated and personalised for easy communication.

KPI tracking

Monitor process engagement and response times via workflow reports.

File reviews

Auto generate case management plans that can be populated live during the review with notes and actions.

Audit trail

Track every system change, document revision, submissions and email/SMS sent and received.

Web forms

Enable mobile compatible claim forms to be submitted electronically via a link on your organisation's intranet.

Claim processes

Create interactive sub-routines for common claim tasks such as liability determination and claim closure.

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